A Focus on Quality and Sustainability

At ZOME the origin and quality of our products is one of our highest priorities. We want you to love our products and enjoy them for a long time.

Selecting Suppliers

We have chosen suppliers that have strict auditing and testing procedures in place to ensure that manufacturers are applying UK guidelines and high standards in the local areas they are working in. This includes ethical factors such as employee welfare and environmental policies related to water, waste and pollution. On a practical level this translates to a living wage in that locality, reducing plastic use, choice of sustainable woods and FSC certification.

Quality Assurance

When we have identified suppliers with these credentials we utilise our extensive experience in the furniture, homewares and upholstery industry and visit suppliers to assess the quality of products so that we can be satisfied that the products that we offer are of high quality, well made, and will stand up to everyday use – form is important but function is also essential. Products will be tested according to British Standards by manufacturers as required for different product categories.

UK Business

Where possible we support UK businesses and suppliers recognising that this not only contributes to supporting the UK workforce economy but also adds to sustainability and is environmentally responsible, with reduced transport emissions. Similarly, we have chosen to work with a logistics/shipping service, Goodwill Solutions CIC, which is a community interest company - meaning it contributes to local social welfare.

Curated collection

And finally, but by no means least, choosing the actual products! Once suppliers and manufacturers have been carefully selected and verified, and product quality assured, we start to consider the products and curate a range which offers select pieces that offer something slightly different from those that you may find elsewhere. Often the litmus test is if we’d be happy to have it in our own home – is it good quality, does it have personality, style, and its own ‘je ne sais quoi!’. We want to bring these products to you and for you to love them as much as we do and be happy for you to have them in your home.  

So that’s our whistle stop tour of quality. If you have any questions about items, please ask us and we will be happy to answer questions, or if we don’t know the answers, try and find out.

high quality velvet bed