The days have already started getting shorter and evenings longer, and whilst there is definitely a beauty to the autumn colours and an almost satisfying chill in the air, the darkness can also seem long and have an impact on how we feel and lets be real – make it hard to do things! Which means we need to think about ways to bring light into our home. This also gives us a lovely opportunity to add style and flair and a new light can lift the mood of a room. We’ve shown a few of our favourites from our collection below.

The Celeste Table lamp adds some Modern glamour to any room with its clean lines and with its gold colouring and dome shade creates ambient warm light for the winter months.


     CELESTE TABLE LAMP                           SERAPHIM CEILING LIGHT

For ethereal overhead lighting the Seraphim delivers a refined statement due to its matt nickel sweeping line and glass crystals sparkling from the interior.

Whilst glamour and fun are always the order of the day at ZOME sometimes we also have to do some work and for those times we recommend our AXIS table lamp which has sharp, clean lines lending itself to most interiors, and a directional light making it ever-practical. It also has a standard (full height) friend and comes in white so there are options – who doesn’t love options!


       AXIS TABLE LAMP                               GLOBE28 CEILING LIGHT

And last on today’s list, but certainly not least and one we love for it’s maximality is the GLOBE28 Ceiling Light. With 28 (as the name subtly suggests) glowing globules of warm light, it is the ultimate in sumptuous winter resistance for when you just need your own sunshine. It is also imminently opulent and impressive. A wonderful ray of sunshine to end on.

Lee and Joe