Practical and Stylish Ways to Conceal Your Clutter

Take a break from toys, and put a pause on paperwork: make your living space into breathing space.
We know what you’re thinking. Storage = boring. Thinking about storage = even more boring.
At ZOME , we want to reshape your thinking about storage. Streamlined storage is key to the look and function of your living space. Clutter distracts the eye from your palette, textures and feature pieces, and prevents you moving serenely through your space. 
And whether your ZOME is quiet or crowded, never has it been so important to cultivate a serene, calm space to unwind in. Everyone needs storage, but you don’t have to compromise on style with these featured items.

ZOME top tip: don’t leave things out as reminders. All they do is stress out your brain. Make a list of what you need to return to, and let everything be caringly taken care of by our Caprio drawers - it’s so beautiful you’ll forget that it’s storage. Style with plants and a metallic frame for a modern, organic finish.

In a smaller space like a hallway, make the piece do double the work, like the Adamas bench

Another ZOME top tip: don’t let high spots be dead space! With high shelves, you can make the most of square footage and keep those more occasional objects (e.g. holiday decorations!) out of the way.

If there’s an ornament, a piece of jewellery, or a scribbled note that makes you happy, why tuck it away in a box? Display that memory where it can bring you joy every day, and you can share it with others, on the Orion. It’s easy to switch up seasonal decor or family photos on this sleek shelving unit.

Ever-growing pile of books that you never get round to? Take them off the floor and display those beautiful covers with the Caprio Cube, and pop a cute little plant on top to finish the frame (real or fake, we won't judge).


Streamlined storage: it’s so satisfying...

Practical and Stylish Ways to Conceal Your Clutter