A Zome in the original sense is a building using unusual geometries that is different from the standard house or other building. Zome combines the words zonohedron and dome.

At ZOME we want to help you create homes that are different from the standard house or building - to define your home.

On a more personal note we also chose the name ZOME as it combines the two greatest passions in our life our son’s name ‘Zachary’ and ‘home’.


The ZOME Team

Behind ZOME is a dedicated and talented team who share two passions: beautiful interiors and great customer service.

Lee Fisher  - Managing Director

My background is in furniture and homewares retail purchasing, and I spent over twenty years sourcing and creating fantastic homewares and furnishings for many high street retailers and working with high-end brands. I’ve always been passionate about interiors outside of work, and particularly interested in modernist, contemporary and luxe styles. I have been inspired by my travels to Asia, especially different cultures’ use of furniture, fabrics and layout to create unique spaces.

It was when we were remodelling and refurbishing our own art deco home that I realised that other people would also be searching for high-quality, well-designed products and design direction that can fit a family’s needs and budget – with a young son, us, and my parents all under one roof, even my experience and knowledge were stretched in finding solutions on the high street. When the opportunity arose, I took the plunge and founded ZOME.


Joe Bradley - Creative and Design Lead

I have had a lifelong enthusiasm for art and design, spending my childhood and teenage years drawing designing and redesigning interiors, clothes, furniture - anything I could. My profession is in healthcare, but I studied art and have always been involved in creative projects outside of work.

In partnership with Lee, I have created multiple functional and beautiful interiors, both for ourselves and others, tailoring my creative, practical, and personal skills to each new project. I enjoy using the combination of colour, pattern and texture to create inviting and layered schemes, but can equally appreciate a pared-back or themed approach.


Steve Horn - Director

Hi I am Steve Horn a Director and fellow founder of Zome Home Ltd.

I started my career in upholstery around a thousand years ago on an apprenticeship. Working in the cutting room initially and then on the bench assembling 3 piece suites. The industry back then was very seasonal and working for a small manufacturer ended up as part time work. Not a great position for someone who went on to have 6 children (all girls, all awesome). I ended up in manufacturing and finally contracting and merchanting in the construction sector. Lasting through 2 recessions and now Covid, I am a firm believer in building businesses from a solid foundation.

I have known Lee and Joe for a number of years now as both clients and friends. When Brexit hit late 2019 the furniture industry laid off a number of very talented individuals. By chance we met for a coffee and we were discussing this crazy world that we live in. When he told me of the shift in his sector and his 20+ years at the top of procurement for people like DFS and Homebase, I had to suggest going into business together.

With my background in business development (5 businesses in construction) and Lee’s buying credentials and experience, we formed Zome Home.

This new platform for high quality furnishings at reasonable prices and also our interior design service, it is already proving to be a winner.

My business strengths are Innovation and design and we hope to bring this into Zome Home very soon with unique ranges and engineered designs.


Abi Horn - Operations and Commercial Manager

Having worked for the family firm for almost 10 years, I have developed skills in most things business! From operations to finance, sales to marketing – I have a well-rounded skill set which fits perfectly with this new venture.

My crowning glory is that in 2018, we worked on a project for Her Majesty the Queen. When we were asked to do a presentation at Buckingham Palace (or BP as it’s known), I nearly fell off my chair. 

I have always had a passion for interiors and shopping, so Zome Home is a great fit for me!

I remember being obsessed with Grand Designs from a really young age questioning how they’d build a new house in such a short space of time.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, it’s all about Instagram. I love the creativity of the platform and often find myself stalking interior influencers for new and exciting ideas.

To date I have lived in rented accommodation which I’ve never been able to truly personalise and make my own. However, the house hunt has FINALLY begun. I’m really looking forward to finding the perfect home and styling it up with the help of the rest of the ZOME team.   



Sophia Mottram - Marketing Assistant

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for design and art. Always drawing or painting in my spare time and experimenting with different mediums, textures and colour combinations. This passion had me seeking a profession which encouraged this. Which led me to complete an apprenticeship in digital marketing and then eventually go on to join Zome.

I love being part of a team which has such an eye for style and a genuine love for interior design. There is always something so satisfying about seeing a perfectly put together interior as well as the feel it can create for the room, whether it be modern and professional or cosy and inviting.