Executive Plus 9000 Mattress


At ZOME we know a mattress isn’t just something to sleep on, it’s a fantastic investment for your long-term health and wellbeing.

Using the finest quality lambswool, organic cotton and horse hair, these traditional mattresses use the latest high-strength pockets springs to ensure the perfect mix of comfort and support.

Crafted entirely by hand, the Executive plus 9000 mattress is among the finest available today.

The mattress fuses every luxurious filling available to offer you the perfect mattress tailored for you.


  • 9000 pocket springs
  • Hand stitched sides
  • Quilted border with handles
  • 100% natural viscose fabric
  • Cotton and Bamboo fillings
  • Hand tufted
  • Organic wool
  • Lambswool/Alpaca/Pashmina
  • Silk
  • Merino wool


  • 100% luxurious viscose fabric – for breathability, softness and durability
  • Hand stitched sides – to prevent sides bowing in use
  • 2000 individual pocket springs – for the perfect medium firmness
  • Wool insulator pad 500gm – minimises spring feel and wicks moisture away
  • Hand teased horse hair – adds breathability to the mattress and regulates moisture away from the body
  • Rebound wool and cotton – provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer
  • 100% organic wool – providing optimum body temperature regulation


Hand made to order 4-6 weeks delivery.

This item is hand crafted in Yorkshire especially for you and therefore delivery is estimated to be 4-6 weeks from the date of order, however, lead times can vary dependent on demand. Once we have confirmed your order with the manufacturer, we will confirm an estimated delivery date with you and once it is ready for your home, delivery will be arranged directly with you


Will my mattress fit in my home?

It is important to make to make sure you check the measurements of the room the mattress is going into and that you are happy with the size of your new mattress. As well as this it is even more important to check the dimensions of any doorways, ceiling heights, halls, stairs or lifts etc to make sure the delivery men can get your mattress into the room, especially if you are ordering one of the king or superking mattresses.